Central Park Picnic

Central Park Picnic from Tayler Bennett on Vimeo.

Living in New York City provides a number of benefits – there is always a diner or convenience store open somewhere. Public transportation can get anywhere almost any time of day for only $2.25. And Central Park is one of the most famous parks in the world and open for the public to explore.
One brisk November day my friend Briana and I decided Central Park would be the perfect backdrop for a picnic and some catching up. We packed up a blanket and our gloves and began the process of setting up a makeshift last-minute picnic for the two of us.


Traveling Home

broadway and 60th

The corner of 60th and Broadway – where it is possible to catch the downtown 1 train.

59th street

The entrance to the Columbus Circle Subway station the first stop on the journey to Milford, CT.

59th street 1

The downtown 1 train enters the 59th Street Station.


Transfering at 42nd Street to get on the Shuttle to Grand Central.

grand central

Grand Central Station is the next stop on the journey home.


The timetable is the best tool to check which platform the train will leave from.


One of the ways to get through a long train journey is with a magazine or some snacks.

Getting on the train

Passangers assemble on the platform to get onto the train and get a seat.


The Conductor checks to make sure all the passengers are on the train.


These ticket markers indicate who has payed for their ticket.


A wary businessman threw his Fosters aside as he exited the train.


Fairfield Station parking lot is full of cars every day.


Advertisements remind travelers to be wary of unidentified packages.

Watch the Gap

Watch the Gap exiting the train.

Late Night Diner Runs


The first step in making a late night diner run is to walk to the diner – in this case cross Amsterdam Avenue.

Olympic Flame

The Olympic Flame, located at 60th and Amsterdam, proclaims its name with a neon clock.


Nina Vorobieva pours over the menu to decide which late night diner food will fill her best.


Sara Donovan ponders strategically what will be the best late night option – and stays hydrated while choosing.


Sara wonders if she really chose the right meal as she looks over her Diet Coke.


Sara and Nina look miserable as they anxiously wait for their food to arrive.


As soon as the food arrives make sure to steal something from someone else’s plate – as Sara demonstrates here.


As everyone eats tell really funny childhood stories and try to make everyone laugh.

Empty Plate

Eat as quickly as possible and then gaze sadly and in awe at your empty plate.


Sara sticks her tongue out at her check after a lovely late night diner meal.


Sara, Nina and an unidentified register attendent attempt to sort out paying for the late night diner meal.


Walk back to school and chat with Leon, the best security guard to ever exist.


End your night by riding the elevators together and being happy with your late night diner fun.

Who Am I?

My name is Tayler Bennett. I’m twenty years old and I’m a junior at Fordham College at Lincoln Center. I am from Woodbridge, Connecticut, which is a very tiny town with a lot of deer and trees. I have a little sister who I love so much – even though most of the time I hate her. I like to think I’m funny, but I don’t think that anyone else agrees. I’m obsessed with a lot of things including, but not limited to, SNL and Pop-Punk music. I don’t believe in guilty pleasures so I’m very open about loving the Kardashians.

I decided to study journalism because I’ve been addicted to women’s magazines since as long as I can remember. The amount of money I spend on magazines each month is disgusting, but I love them. I want to be able to provide the kind of joy I get from my magazines to people in the future with my writing. I like the concept of bringing people together in some way. Maybe someone felt they were alone in liking something or they felt alone in feeling something or anything like that – journalists have the power to bridge people together in amazing ways.

In the future I don’t really know what exactly I want to be doing, but I hope I can have a job and be happy with it. I never want to be one of those miserable people that does a job because they have to and not because they want to. I’m trying hard to figure out what I actually love doing and what will make me happy in the future – it’s really hard at twenty to know what will still make me happy at fifty and so on, but I’m going to try to make sure that is what I’m doing and I never regret anything, because I don’t believe in regrets either.